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Reasons To Rent Mini-Excavator

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If you want to rent a mini excavator or other machine for your next project, you must first answer the question of whether to rent or buy. Many equipment rental companies offer mini excavators rentals because they are versatile and facilitate…
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Landscaping Tasks You Can Do With Backhoes

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The excavator is still an important part of the machinery that can perform a variety of tasks in agriculture, landscaping and construction. What makes the excavator such a valuable tool is that more specialized machines such as excavators serve…
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Choosing the Right Excavator for Your Job

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The large variety of excavators and related equipment can make it difficult to choose the right equipment for the task. This guide will help you learn how to select an excavator that meets the specific requirements of your workplace. After…
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Things To Consider When Selecting A Skid Steer

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The experts from McLaren Rentals can help you find the right ejection seat that meets your needs. Whether you want to expand a farm, add a new machine to your fleet or just know which compact skid steering system is best suited to your landscape…

When And How To Use Mini Excavators

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A mini excavator is a good choice for any type of project where you only have a room of 6-7 feet in your target area (not to mention the passage from a large front garden to a backyard) and you cannot use a fully-fledged device. Larger excavators…